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We > I with Daniel Epstein

In this episode we interview Daniel Epstein, one of the most impactful leaders of his generation. He is the Founder and CEO of Unreasonable Group, a company that helps fast growing companies that are solving the world’s biggest problems to scale. A large part of his company’s success lies in their slogan, ‘We > I’, demonstrating that the power of the collective is greater than the individual. His vision and ability to empower those around him has allowed him to deliver impact and attract some of the most influential stakeholders in the world. We speak to him about his company, what skills impactful leaders of the 21st century need, who is inspiring him right now and what legacy he wants to leave. 

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Speaker Profile

Daniel Epstein

CEO of Unreasonable Group

Daniel’s unfettered belief in entrepreneurs led him to found and become the CEO of Unreasonable Group. It is an organization dedicated to supporting an international Fellowship for growth-stage entrepreneurs who are profitably solving global issues. Today Unreasonable actively supports over 300 growth-stage CEOs whilst channeling exclusive deal-flow to hundreds of investors and investment funds. They also partners with multinational brands and institutions to discover profit in solving global challenges. Recently Daniel was named by Fortune Magazine as one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders, alongside the likes of Bill Gates & Tim Cook. Daniel was also awarded Inc. Magazine’s “30 under 30 entrepreneurs”, and Forbes identified him as one of the “top 30 most impactful entrepreneurs.” He also received the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the World” award along with Richard Branson & the President of Liberia at the Global Entrepreneurship Forum. Beyond his capacities at Unreasonable, Daniel is a frequent keynote speaker, moderator, thought-leader, and advisor.


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