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In November 2021 our Founder Romi Sumaria attended COP26 and we wanted to share his review of the conference.  There are mixed feelings about the success of the conference, and despite the press reporting on some of the big failings of governments and lack of diverse representation there were so many parts of the conference that they didn’t cover. In this special episode of The Oblique Life Global Goals we share our experience on the ground at COP26, the conversations we had and a range of powerful messages from individuals across the globe, generations and sectors. 

Being able to spend time in the Blue Zone (the area where the key negotiations took place) Romi was able to speak on panels, meet hundreds of individuals from all around the world and learn about what different people are doing to drive climate action. He was simply blown away by the energy, optimism and perseverance from the delegates. Here are some of the themes he explored:

  1. What climate action is being done across the globe

  2. How are art, technology and climate action coming together to drive change

  3. What do people on the ground think about youth participation

  4. First impressions of COP26 and how it  compare to previous ones

  5. Messages of hope for our listeners

There is so much work to be done but this episode is a reminder to all to keep believing because if this small group of individuals are so driven to make a change imagine the multiplier effect. We hope you enjoy and a special shout out to all the incredible guests who shared their thoughts and time with us:

  1. Cecilia Quaglino, Environmental Communication Strategies Coordinator at Fundación Nueva Generación Argentina (FNGA)

  2. Dairou Sidiki, CEO of APCD

  3. Domeneco Vito, Founder of Hubzine Italy

  4. Dr Tia Kansara, CEO of Replenish Earth

  5. Hailey Crim, Coordinating Team Member, U.S. ACE Coalition

  6. Helen Filby, Head of Operations at The Carbon Literacy Project

  7. Inigo Weston, Environment Advisor

  8. Irina Karagyaur, Head of Metaverse Growth at Unique Network

  9. Jan Shlon-zak, Masters Student in Climate Policy and Energy, SOAS

  10. Janice Lau Peason, CMO at Arts Help

  11. Jin Tanaka, Branch Manager at University Student Chamber International

  12. Kristina Lucrecia Corner, Editor in Chief at CoinTelegraph

  13. Miroslav Polzer, CEO of IAAI

  14. Moran Sol Brazo, Founder of Sol TV and Be 

  15. Sashagay Middleton, CEO of MEPA Trust

  16. Timothy Damon, Founder and President of the Global Youth Development Initiative (GYDI)

Available on all major streaming platforms

Romi Moderating the DA4C Conference at COP26

Romi Hosting

The Digital Art 4 Climate (DA4C) Team Post Press Conference

DA4C PRESS Conference

Romi with Miroslav Polzer, CEO IAAI and Alexey Shadrin, CEO of Evercity

Romi Miro Alexey

Romi with the Inspiring GYDI Youth Climate Activists

Romi x GYDI

Romi Interviewing an Amazonian Tribes Woman (Alica) from Ecuador

Romi x Alicia

Romi with Climate Chain Coalition in the UNFCCC Hub at COP26

CCC Press Conference

Romi Speaking About Blockchain & Equity at CCC Event

Speaking LIVE

Romi with Co Panelists Neil Cohn and Denby McDonell

Romi x Chia x Denby

Romi with Janice Lau Pearson and Uili Lousi Official from Tonga

Romi and Uili Lousi Tonga


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