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There is so much talk and excitement about the prospects of blockchain, or distributed ledger technologies, including how they will help us transition to more sustainable practices and reach the UN SDGs. However, what is the reality? In this episode we will speak with some leading figures in the climate tech space who will share with us what blockchain can do for the planet, and how it can be sustainable and equitable. They will also take us through some use cases.

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Head of Metaverse Growth, Exquisite WorkersAnna Dart is a Head of Metaverse growth at groundbreaking community of NFT creators Exquisite Workers and co-founder of the NFT to stay global movement, promoting the convergence of art and technological innovations as a means to further the development of digital humanism. With trained eyes through attending multiple art summits, art fairs, galleries and museums, Anna Dart and her team have nurtured lasting relationships with artists from 50 countries in order to connect them with brands and global projects. Exquisite Workers commits to daily premium posts on Instagram creating over 2K digital artworks, which eventually make one unique Exquisite Corpse, or everlasting collective body of work, inspired by the immortal Surrealist game.


Founder & Chief Executive Officer at SHEQONOMI

Ms. Anu Bhardwaj has been actively working in climate finance since 2007 with over a decade in private equity and more recently over the past 6 years through her work with Blockchain, Digital Assets, and a brand new carbon negative NFT platform focusing on women, girls, NFTrees, and refugees. She was the 2019 Global Co-Chair of Blockchain For Impact at the United Nations and has since been developing Qrypto Queens and SHEQONOMI, both focusing on women, financial inclusion, NFTs, and the power & potential of blockchain technology in banking the bottom billion.

CEO and Founder Create 2030  Lisa Russell, MPH is an Asian American, Emmy-winning filmmaker and Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Finalist who has a 20 year career that lies at the intersection of arts, social justice and sustainable development.  As Founder of Create2030, Lisa is a leading creative entrepreneur and activist and has been at the forefront of responsibly engaging artists and creatives of colour in the UN/NGO sector and in support of both the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and now the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.)  Lisa is a sought-after global keynote speaker and workshop facilitator and is a 3x TEDx speaker.


CEO and Founder of IAAI Glocha

Miroslav Polzer is a global governance entrepreneur, building the GloCha multistakeholder partnership for global challenges action empowerment, the next generation of the United Nations system for non-state actors. Miroslav Polzer works with scientists, UN organizations, blockchain experts and youth networks from all around the world on new conceptual frameworks for multi-stakeholder climate action coordination and incentivization. To deliver a proof of concept of blockchain enabled climate entrepreneurship, he has initiated the #DigitalArt4Climate initiative, which turns artwork into digital assets/NFTs which can then be collected and traded by art collectors as well as ordinary citizens.

Founder of Sol TV and Be.  Climate ambassador, a business and community developer, with over 25 years of experience and international involvement in social causes, producing community events, building strategic plans and creating systems of engagement. Experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. Skilled in entrepreneurship, public speaking, management, event planning, and customer service. Strong business development professional graduated from Adlerian Institute of Psychology.


Global Head of Markets and Sustainability

Neil Joined Chia to deliver on the best intentions of digital currencies, sustainable growth, and inclusive prosperity. Neil’s 30+ year career started trading metals Glencore in the late 1980s. When the Kyoto Protocol was inked in 1997, Neil pivoted and cofounded the groundbreaking carbon desk at Natsource that became the backbone of the new carbon markets with over $1.4 billion under management. In 2008 Neil advised the Obama presidential transition and established Macquarie Bank’s environmental finance team in the Americas. Over the past decade, Neil launched and successfully exited sustainable startups in green ammonia, biomass fuels and energy efficiency.


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